Where else are going to find…

Adverb Club classroom posters

See all 5 and a helpful Adverb Fact Sheet.


Metaphor Awareness Month

4,000+ views per year!


A searchable collection of familiar yet strange comparisons…

. . . . .


Karl Stull is a freelance writer and editor, making technical topics easy to understand. Now semi-retired, he writes for fun, service, and profit.

Bonus! Karl Stull “sings” about Joshua trees on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx3qdOB8ukw

Commercial Writing

pen_and_inkBusiness Articles and Marketing Materials

“Hot topic” summaries, training, sales letters, collateral, customer education, etc.


Newsletter Clips

Independent Projects

parthenon-2a-647Ancient Voter

A unique classroom resource, based on actual voting in ancient Greece!

FullSizeRender (1)Guy Crossing Museum

A salute to the icon with no distinguishing features. And his art.


09BrownSwissByMikeSporcicUSDAJust for Laughs

Memes, mockery, a sprinkling of factual information. See titles under Recent Posts (nav bar at right).

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